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Home based (Individual) Support for Adults 21+

The support they need, in the comfort of home

Whatever your loved one needs, home-based support ensures they can live as comfortably and independently as possible.

What is home-based support?

Along with making sure your loved one can interact with the world outside their door, we also make sure they’re able to live comfortably in their home with our home-based support program, also known as individual supports.

How this service works will depend on the needs of your loved one. Your Direct Support Person, or DSP, will work with you to implement a support plan that caters to your loved one’s needs and goals, which can include:

Food shopping




Social events





The gift of friendship

Beyond caring for your loved one’s needs, your DSP will also help cultivate a stronger sense of confidence, friendship, and independence.

Whether we match you with a DSP who is the best fit for your loved one, or you get a trusted family member or caregiver—or even yourself—approved as a DSP, we’re here to make the process as smooth as possible.

The choice is yours

We understand that the caregiver-client relationship is fundamentally rooted in deep trust. That’s why we give you the choice between two options when it comes to finding a Direct Support Professional for your loved one:

We find you a match

Get a fully trained and carefully vetted DSP that best fits your loved one’s needs. Tell us your needs, preferences and wishes, and we will find a DSP that will seamlessly fit into your loved one’s life.

You become or recruit a DSP

Choose yourself or another familiar face—such as a trusted friend or family member—as the DSP. We’ll provide training, get you/them approved and set up as a TeamCare employee.

“A great match for our son—he really gets him”

“The process was pretty easy. We feel lucky that we got a great match for our son, someone that definitely gets him. You can tell they screen their workers and really, really care.”

– Brendan’s mom, a Teamcare NJ Client

It’s easy to get started

We know you have a lot on your plate, so we make the process easy, convenient, and hassle-free.

We learn about your loved one

You know your loved one best. We’ll ask you, and them, some questions so we can learn all about your goals, schedule, and preferences.

We find the perfect match

Taking your loved one’s needs, goals, personality and preferences into account, we’ll comb through all of our personnel files to determine the best match. 

We carefully vet each candidate

We conduct a thorough vetting process (including interviews, fingerprinting, drug testing, skill evaluations and reference checks) to ensure highly-qualified staff that checks everyone’s boxes.

Meet and greet with your DSP

It’s not all systems ago until you feel totally comfortable. You and your loved one meet our handpicked choice to ensure that you really are that perfect match!

Ongoing quality assurance

Once your DSP starts providing care, we check in with you and your DSP regularly to assess progress and ensure that your goals and expectations are being met.

We're on your team. More importantly, we act like it

If you ever have questions, need a change of schedule or an issue arises with your DSP, we will problem solve until everything is smoothly sorted.

Give your loved one the gift of home-based support.

Our team is standing by to answer your questions and help you get started.

Shoot us a message here, or call us at 732-884-2273. No question is too big or too small.