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“I wish more families knew about TeamCare…”

With TeamCare NJ’s refer-a-friend program, you can earn $100 for every family you refer.

Respite has changed your life.

Could it change someone else’s?

Taking a break always seemed like a fantasy — until you heard about TeamCare. 

Whether you heard about TeamCare’s respite program from a support organization or a trusted friend, respite has given you the treasured opportunity to catch your breath, regroup, and still be confident your child is safe.

Now you have a chance to pay it forward — and get monetarily rewarded in the process.

Whether you find it energy-boosting, sanity-saving, life-changing, or all of the above, we can all agree on one thing: respite care is worth spreading!

Here’s how the program works:

Refer a friend

Give your friend our contact information so they can start receiving support services.

Let us know

Email our program director at Shirley@teamcarenj.com with your friend’s name and contact information, so we’ll have a record that you referred them.

Get rewarded

Once your friend has participated in TeamCare’s respite program for 90 days, we’ll send you an Amazon e-Card for $100!

“One of the best things that’s happened.”

The respite program is one of the best things that’s happened for me and Nicholas. Thank you.

– Patricia Eigenbrood

Frequently asked questions

This seems too easy. Where's the fine print?

There is none 😃 Refer a friend, let us know, get rewarded — it’s that simple!

Is there a limit to how many families I can refer?

Nope — the more the merrier!

Why do I have to wait 90 days to get my referral fee?

90 days allows us time to be sure the new client is using our program.

What if I’ve referred someone to TeamCare in the past? Is this program retroactive?

If you referred someone recently but they haven’t become a client yet, send us their contact info and you’ll get rewarded once they’ve used our services for 90 days.

If the person I refer is a family member, does that still count?


Ready to apply? Here’s what to expect.


We conduct a thorough interview to get to know you and determine if we’re a mutual fit.


We run background and reference checks to ensure that you meet TeamCare’s standards.


You complete the necessary training to learn the skills and tools that will prepare you for success.


We carefully match you with clients who are suited to your skills, schedule, and preferences.


We’re available to help you if any problems arise and ensure a pleasant and supportive work environment.